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MyPackers are limited to 2 Per customer. You will be refunded if more then 2 are purchased.


Incredible Hand-molded design. beginner friendly and easy to clean.

The MyPacker comes in 5 Shades, 2 Sizes and with the opinion of cut or uncut, we have something for everybody.


The MyPacker in 100% handmade and minor inperfections & air bubbles can happen. This is does not affect the use of the MyPacker in anyway and is not a vaild reason for return.


The MyPacker is also pseudo-skin making it less tacky over time and adds realistic wrinkles when moving.


All MyPackers are dusted with cornstarch to improve over all texture.

100% Handmade for start to finish.

Made of 100% Platinium Silicone.

Small MyPacker are 4" in size and are perfect for our Small Pouch.

Medium MyPackers are 5.5" in size and are perfect for our Medium Pouch

  • Cancellation Policy

    Orders can be cancelled upto 24hours from time of order placement, after that orders are permanent and will be sent out as standard.

  • Returns

    All sales are final. We do not offer returns or exchanges on MyPackers.

  • Care

    Silicone is super easy to clean and can handle high temps. You can simply pop your MyPacker in some warm soapy water and give him a scrub. Hey, you could even throw him in the dishwasher or boiling water, he can handle the heat! ;)


Size Chart

Sizing Chart
XS 24-26"  S 28-30"  M 32-34"  L 36-38"  XL 40-42"  2XL 44-46"  3XL 48-50"
S 4"  M 6"  L 8"

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