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MyPack Packers

MyPack Packers


MyPack packers are limited to 2 Per customer. You will be refunded if more then 2 are purchased.


Incredible Hand-molded design. beginner friendly and easy to clean.

The MyPack packers comes in 5 Shades, 2 Sizes and with the opinion of cut or uncut, we have something for everybody.


The MyPack packers are 100% handmade and minor inperfections & air bubbles can happen. This is does not affect the use of the MyPacker in anyway and is not a vaild reason for return.


The MyPack packer is also pseudo-skin making it less tacky over time and adds realistic wrinkles when moving.


All MyPack packers are dusted with cornstarch to improve over all texture.

100% Handmade for start to finish.

Made of 100% Platinium Silicone.

Small MyPack packer are 4" in size and are perfect for our Small Pouch.

Medium MyPack packer are 5.5" in size and are perfect for our Medium Pouch


    Size Chart

    Sizing Chart
    XS 24-26"  S 28-30"  M 32-34"  L 36-38"  XL 40-42"  2XL 44-46"  3XL 48-50"
    S 4"  M 6"  L 8"

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