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MyPack Storage Bag

MyPack Storage Bag

Say hello to the MyPack Storage bag!

Perfect for keeping your MyPacks together and easy to find in your draw.

These storage bags are made of 100% cotton muslim and feature a double drawstring and MyPack logo patch upon the front. 


The MyPack storage bag comes in 6 colors: Light Green, Green, Blue, Grey, Black & Light Beige. 

All the bags are 7"x 5" except the Black (standard) bags that are 8"x 6" and Black (large) which is 10"x8"


    Size Chart

    Sizing Chart
    XS 24-26"  S 28-30"  M 32-34"  L 36-38"  XL 40-42"  2XL 44-46"  3XL 48-50"
    S 4"  M 6"  L 8"

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