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     Pack Gives Back.

As you may be aware from our Instagram page, we released a limited edition color way to raise money for a top surgery fund! This was super successful and we're so grateful to everyone that brought a pack to help us make it a success. We really want to be able to make this a regular thing and I know a lot of you were wondering how you could be selected for a chance to be part of this.


We had originally decided to choose one person for each pack collection and have that person be the face so to speak for that pack. However after many conversations, and listening to you guys and your feedback, we decided to go with a different approach. 

We will release these limited edition fund raiser packs, and once they've sold, we'll calculate the funds. Once we know that, we'll drew someones name out of a hat,  and that person will be the recipient of money raised! We wanted a way of making it fair and random so that everyone had a chance.

All recipients will need to have an active verified fundraising page.


When a new recipient is chosen, we will record the random selection and announce them on our Instagram, as well as reaching out to them via email!

So if you wish to have your name and gofundme/verified fundraising page added to our lucky hat, then submit your name, Instagram and a link to your gofundme/fundraising page to

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