The Phallo Pouch

The Phallo Pouch

SIZE CHART AT BOTTOM OF PAGE. Introducing The Phallo Pouch. The first of its kind, the Phallo Pouch was created for post opertive phalloplasty patients. It features an open back pocket, with a super soft brush polyester lining. Addtionally the Phallo Pouch can be used by anyone who wishes to use an adhesive packer, or soft packer wearers, who simply wish for skin to skin contact with their packer. The Pouch is 6 inches long. If you wish to use a soft packer, we recommend no smaller or larger then 6 inches. Please make sure to meausre your packer before purchase.We've noticed that most packer companys only give the phallus length and not the total length of the packer. All straps in this pack will come in the same size. Made out of Polyester, Rayon spandex and latex. Washing- can be washed and tumble dryed like any regular underwear. The band cannot be ironed on high.
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